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Aluminum Domes, Roofs and Seals

TANK ALUMINUM COVER is specialized in designing products to give the best solutions to its customers.


The aluminum geodesic dome is a self-supporting cover used frequently in tank farms and refineries. It protects the storage product from environmental and atmospheric influences.

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Tank Aluminum Cover has a full range of primary and secondary seals for external and internal floating roofs. Our sealing systems are customized according to the characteristics of every kind of tank and requirements from our customers.

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TankContact® & TankPontoon®

The IFR full contact type (an internal floating roof) removes the vapor area and seals the space above the floating roof. It prevents the evaporation lost at the most important point, the source.

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The TankCover reduces the VOC emissions from API separators in wastewater treatment plants and industrial plants. These covers are compatible with all kinds of stored products, including 100% aromatics.

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TankDrain® & TankSuction®

The TankDrain is essential to prevent the floating roof from sinking in case of accumulation of snow or water on it. These systems are completely aromatic resistant and compatible with all kind of stored products.

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Our products are designed to:


Zero emissions


Zero maintenance


Reduce the quantity of evaporated product, increasing economic savings


Reduce the contact with external agents (rain, wind, etc.)


Stock more product quantity

Among our products, we can highlight TankDome, TankSeal, TankContact, TankPontoon, TankCover and TankDrain. All of them designed to and manufactured with top quality materials to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Clients


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